Tue 22 September 2015

Undeserved allotment spoils

This year I've not given the allotment anywhere near as much attention as it has needed. The first half of the year I'd had tonsillitis constantly, then my tonsillectomy and the period convalescing after the surgery. After that I seem to have lost the allotment key so couldn't get in for 5 or 6 weeks. This was followed by a 2 week holiday so naturally I was fearing it would just be a jungle of weeds by the time I did actually get up there. So when I did visit at the beginning of September I was overjoyed to see there was loads to harvest. The tomatoes were very green still so I guess it is green tomato chutney for them and the pimento padron need sunshine so they hated the wet August and only produced a couple of peppers. But the patty pan squashes loved all that rain:

Patty pan squashes

As did the string and French beans:

beans galore

For the first time I got a decent crop of carrots (which are so sweet and tasty):


and the allotment favourite rhubarb:


There is still some sweetcorn up there that I'm hoping will ripen.

(Please excuse the dodgy photos, they were taken hurriedly in my disbelief the allotment had actually produced anything after my neglect!)