Fri 26 September 2014

The Poonami

Today at work was the funniest day and grossest day all in one. Got a support request to urgently move some PCs due to a flood in an office. So myself and couple of colleagues trotted over there to do this. When we got there we discovered what sort of flood this was. The office is beneath some toilets (yes this is going that way!) and evidently the out pipe from the toilets had been blocked up some way down so all the effluent had been backing up along the pipe. Seems the weight got too much and the pipe collapsed and spilt all the effluent through the suspended ceiling into the office below. This is while there were people sat there working! A tidal way of poo, a poonami, swept over their desks. A few of them got splashed. :( We got there maybe 10 minutes afterwards and it was disgusting. The place stank as you would imagine it and there was visibly poo & toilet paper all over the desks and floor. Obviously we didn't touch the PCs that had been hit but moved the clean kit out so the others could carry on working. Then basically the rest of the day was spent punning on what had happened: stuff like shit day at work, and how the spoilt kit would go in the WEEE disposal etc. Not sure how they are going to clean it up as it had ruined the carpet and was everywhere. So so grim.