Mon 20 October 2014

Paris-Roubaix 2015

As anyone that has read some of my previous posts will know I am a fan of watchign professional cycling; as well as cycling myself too. I've just booked tickets to go to Lille, in France, for 24 hours next year to watch the 1 day "Classic" race Paris-Roubaix. It's nicknamed the Hell of the North and is known as one of the most gruelling races in the pro-calendar due to the fact the route goes over various sections of cobbled road which makes the racing very hard indeed. Add in typical Northern French spring weather to hard roads and it is great to watch as pro-cycling is like one of those crazy Japanese game shows: the more the riders are suffering, the more entertaining it is to watch.

My plan is to get to one of this sections just to the southwest of Lille, near a village called Gruson. There I'll get a bit tipsy with all the French and Belgian fans (the Belgians love the 1 day races early in the seasons like this one) and then dash back to the Eurostar station to come home. Can't wait!