Thu 12 December 2013

Ho ho ho

For the 6th, and more than likely last, time I was Santa at our kids' nursery. They first asked me when our daughter went there and I carried it on when our son started. Over the years the costume has been perfected and added to to create what I wear now. All credit to the costume goes to Nicole as she made it after realising it was a lot cheaper to get some material and make our own rather than buy an off the shelf one. When I first started it was a bit of a rubbishy cheap outfit and our daughter recognised me the second she laid eyes on me, even though she was only 2 years old. She then saw it was me every time even though I denied it all whenever she asked.

However our son has never spotted it is me, probably as there isn't much of me to actually see now. This year I was worried he might realise it is me, as he very nearly 4, or if not him then one particular friend of his might. All the staff at the nursery thought this friend would be the one to notice me if any of them did but nope, I got away with it! It is really sweet getting to see your kid interact with others when you're not there. I think of J as a loud, boisterous kid but he was very meek and timid when talking to Santa. So sweet. The nursery manager was saying we should have a 3rd child so she could have me being Santa for another 4 years!