Tue 03 December 2013

First night in Naples

We went to Naples for autumn half-term on a cheapo package holiday. Flying with British Airways and staying at a small hotel in the centre of town.

It was evening when we arrived and we had to drag our bags and the kids along a busy road. After checking in and a quick unpack we went out to get dinner. The hotel receptionist said there was a very good pizza place very close by so we went there. Turns out it was Pizzeria da Michele

da Michele

Which is one of the two most famous pizzerias always mentioned in guides to Naples. There was a queue to get a table and the menu only has 2 types of pizza but still there were plenty of people waiting to get in.

The queue

The restaurant over the road (which we did in eat in later in the week, it was perfectly good) maintained a great trade of people that turned up to go to da Michele but didn't fancy the wait.

limited menu but good for veggies!

The menu had just 2 types of pizza on it and in keeping with other good Italian food I've eaten it is a case of less is more. The marinara pizza was delicious and just pizza dough, tomato, garlic, oil and oregano. We ordered a load of medium sized ones and they were massive.

Eat some pizza